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Our Services and Fees

Class One Computer Services - Services and Fees

Database Systems

Front- and Back-Office Systems

Encryption and Security

Barcode Printing and Reading

Hand-held Computers

Remote Access Computing

Process Monitoring and Control


IT Consultancy

Bespoke Software Application Development

Conversion and Transfer of Data

Database Cleaning

Data Backup and Security

Web Site Design and Hosting

Hardware and Software Supplier



Our services include the following:

Our bespoke software skills include the following:

Our fee structure:

Our consultancy fees vary according to the type of work being performed. Fees range from £20 per hour to £150 per hour. These prices are exclusive of VAT and any additional expenses.


Our new Bread And Butter Software initiative sets prices according to amount of work added to a “template” system which itself is offered free of charge. Thus the cost of bespoke systems developed this way can thus be very inexpensive.


To find out more, visit the Bread And Butter Software web-site.


Our commercial products are priced individually and more details can be found with the product information.


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