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HostMaster - The Event Management System
HostMaster 4 is a new type of software product for organisers of all kinds of event, from meetings to conferences and incentive trips.

HostMaster 4 has been designed from the ground up to combine the storage and power of a database with the simple look, feel and ease of use of a spreadsheet like Microsoft Excel.

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HostMaster - The Event Management System

The Electronic Registration System for Primary Schools

“An imaginatively introduced computerised registration system saving a significant amount of valuable teaching and administration time”
Affordable bespoke software for the small business

Affordable bespoke software for the small business.

There can’t be many people who doubt how effective the right software is for a business. Nearly all large organisations are heavy users of bespoke software applications, and yet small businesses have hardly any at all. The reason for this is simple : Cost. Traditionally, bespoke software has been extremely expensive, and out of reach for most small businesses. Until now.....


Bread and Butter Software was launched to bring tailor-made software to small businesses at a truly affordable price.


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